Welcome to Idaho Gaming for Charity!


We at Idaho Gaming for Charity believe that we as gamers should contribute a little to society, to do this we will be livestreaming a large variety of games while having the option to donate to the cause while you watch. (95% will be donated to the charity while the remainder will be used solely for expanding our group and buying prizes for the raffle.) those who donate are put into a raffle every time they donate).

To donate, visit the livestream page and click ChipIn, you can use any major credit card or Paypal in order to donate. When you donate, you will be entered in a raffle to win a prize (which will be announced during the stream). Everyone will have 1 entry even if you donate multiple times, however you may enter once in every stream we do which can increase your chance of winning a prize. We will announce each stream's winner during the livestream and the winner will be contacted soon after to get their information.